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Primary - Naval's National Academy Buxipur

  • Class I

    Committed to providing a fruitful learning environment. Naval's National Academy Buxipur teaches subjects like mathematics, English, Hindi along with few other subjects to Class I students. Currently, it has different sections in which its experience teachers make students learn the basics of the subjects to the core.

  • Class II

    In Class II the school provides useful worksheets and sample papers along with a learning kit to enhance the level of knowledge in students.

  • Class III

    In Class III the school syllabus explains the entire course structure in a detailed manner. Presence of full-time teachers in the campus makes learning more easy for the young toddlers.

  • Class IV

    Once the student enters Class IV they are taught everything in detail. Spacious classrooms and state of art facility of the school further help students in completing the entire course in a step-by-step manner.

  • Class V

    Naval's National Academy - Buxipur aims to give required knowledge to Class V students as per their standard. The syllabus of the school are as per CBSE board and focuses on syllabus right from the starting of the academic session. Different topics of various subjects are taught in detail.